Oisans Massif See official website


Opening of the station on 15 December 2018
  1. altitude: 1350 m
  2. alpine ski runs: 70 km
  3. altitude: 30 m

TRANSALTITUDE services for Oz en oisans end on April 20, 2019. After this date, you can access the stations with the Transisère lines. For more information: www.transisere.fr Allo Transisère: 0820 08 38 38 38

To get Oz en Oisans, there are coach connections. See the driver for more information.

Please note: times have been changed (for timetables printed on paper). On Sundays and bank holidays, the 12:55 departure from Oz-en-Oisans is now scheduled for 14:00. The arrival time at the coach station remains unchanged: 16:30

Come and discover Oz-en-Oisans right away. This charming, authentic and friendly family resort awaits you at the foot of the slopes, nestling in the pine trees opposite the majestic Belledonne range.
Located at 1350 m, Oz-en-Oisans offers quick and easy access to the large Alpe d'Huez Grand Domaine ski area.
The magic of winter at Oz-en-Oisans is also about games and walks in the snow for kids and parents as well as cosy evenings in front of the fire sipping mulled wine.