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Transaltitude shuttles from 23 december 2023, to 31 march 2024
  1. altitude: 1050 m
  2. alpine ski runs: 20 km

Due to the poor weather conditions forecast for the weekend, the Vercors resorts will be closed this weekend and Transaltitude services will not be running. To get to the resorts, you can now use the regular regional coach services.


In both directions, the buses connecting Grenoble station and Autrans Méaudre en Vercors station have a connection with Lans en Vercors (stop at "Office du tourisme"). Feel free to ask the driver for more information.

Since 1 January 2016, the villages of Autrans and Méaudre have joined together to form one municipality: Autrans Méaudre en Vercors. Now you only need one Nordic or Alpine ski pass to ski on both sites, whenever you like.

The Autrans Méaudre en Vercors ski resort offers 35 runs over two different ski areas covered by the same ski pass (Autrans la Sure and Méaudre Village). As of Christmas 2016, the Claret ski area in Autrans will also offer a ‘sledging on rails’ area. Children’s areas and the beginner slopes enable children to learn to ski in all safety, while a wide range of red and black runs ensure seasoned skiers have a great time.

Are you a cross-country skiing enthusiast? This is the perfect resort for you. Autrans Méaudre en Vercors offers you a one-in-a-million Nordic ski run paradise with 200 km of laid out and groomed trails for both classic and skate skiing. The trails run alternately through open country and forestry, over ridges with great panoramic views and into small well-hidden valleys. As a Nordic France certified site and renowned for the quality of its facilities and trails, the Autrans Méaudre Nordic ski area is at the forefront of cross-country skiing and Nordic skiing activities.