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Opening of the Transaltitude line on 18 december 2021
  1. alpine ski runs: 90 km
  2. cross-country ski runs: 40 km
  3. altitude: 1700 m

3 stops are served with Transaltitude : "1650 Le Recoin", "1750 Roche Béranger" and "1700 Les villages du Bachat".

Click below to see the stops on the map. 

The Chamrousse resort is located at the forefront of the Belledonne range, only 30 km from Grenoble!

Come and enjoy an easy to get to family resort offering all the facilities and activities of a large resort, but without the downsides.
Chamrousse boasts the famous 1968 Olympic Games ski runs. Go back in time and savour these legendary runs. They go from the top of the resort at La Croix de Chamrousse all the way down to the heart of the resort.