Connecting services at Grenoble coach station


If a Customer has a connection with another transport network (train, bus, plane...), Transaltitude cannot be held responsible for any missed connections and extra costs the Customer may incur.

Transaltitude coach timetables are established in relation to the arrival and departure of the other main transport services at Grenoble station.

Although we cannot be held responsible for delays on other transport networks, should a delay be excessively long, you will be transferred (with the same ticket) onto the following Transaltitude departure times according to the seats available.

For passengers having booked a ticket for the last coach of the day, the journey will be transferred to the first coach available on the following day. Coach times are not contractually binding: they are calculated according to average traffic conditions and may differ due to variations in these conditions and because of weather conditions.

Customers should be at bus stops and ready to board at least 15 minutes before the timetabled coach arrival/departure time. For SKILIGNE Customers departing from Grenoble coach station, Customers should be there 20 minutes before departure.

Passengers must bear these extra times in mind when preparing their journey with connections to other transport services.


Connecting services at resorts 

Transaltitude services take you to and from 14 different resorts in the Isère area.

The Transaltitude lines serve 14 stations in Isère. At certain times of the season, coaches are likely to mark a connection, requiring you to change coaches to reach your station :

For Vercors resorts(1): a connection is possible at Lans-en-Vercors, particularly for the stations of Autrans Méaudre en Vercors.

For the Oisans resorts (2): a connection is possible to the Bourg d'Oisans. 

These connections are not systematic.  When you validate your ticket, please ask the driver for information.

(1)Vercors resorts : 
- Autrans
- Corrençon en Vercors

- Lans en Vercors
- Méaudre
- Villard de Lans

(2) Oisans resorts : 
- Auris en Oisans
- L'Alpes d'Huez

- L'Alpes du Grand Serre
- Les 2 Alpes
- Oz en Oisans
- Vaujany
- Villard Reculas