FREE luggage pack

A free baggage pack is included in your ticket. The weight of luggage must not exceed 20 kg. The luggage pack includes: 

  • 1 suitcase or overnight bag (in hold)* - 50cm x 110 cm x 70 cm
  • + 1 piece of hand luggage (in hand luggage compartments on board)* 
  • + 1 pair of ski/snowboard boots (in hold)* 
  • + 1 pair of skis or one snowboard (in hold)*


Bring additional luggage for only €8,00 extra !

To enable every passenger to take the above-mentioned luggage, bikes are not accepted. Transaltitude offers this service as long as there is enought space in the hold.

Over-sized Luggage (XXL)

* Over-sized or excess weight luggage will be accepted as long as the is enough space in luggage holds and incurs an extra €16.00 fee per journey at coach boarding.

Transaltitude offers you this service subject to space availability.