Connecting services at Grenoble coach station

The times provided by Transaltitude correspond to the arrival times of the main TGV and train services stopping at Grenoble SNCF train station.

Is your train late? Don’t panic! We are constantly in touch with the SNCF train station.

Depending on how long the delay is, we will do all we can to either delay the departure of your coach or provide another coach to get you to your resort as comfortably as possible.

Connecting services at resorts 

Transaltitude services take you to and from 14 different resorts in the Isère area.

During certain periods in the season, coach travel may include a connecting coach service to take you to your resort:
For resorts in the Vercors (1): connecting services are available in Lans en Vercors, especially if you’re travelling to Autrans and Méaudre.

For resorts in the Oisans (2): connecting services are available in Bourg d’Oisans. These connections are not always available. Don’t hesitate to ask the driver when you validate your ticket

(1-) Les stations du Vercors : 
- Autrans
- Corrençon en Vercors

- Lans en Vercors
- Méaudre
- Villard de Lans

(2-) Les stations de L'oisans : 
- Auris en Oisans
- L'Alpes d'Huez

- L'Alpes du Grand Serre
- Les 2 Alpes
- Oz en Oisans
- Vaujany
- Villard Reculas